We aim to grow as an international, vertically integrated cement producer, combining an entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence with respect for people, society and the environment.


To achieve this objective, we focus on four strategic priorities:

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Geographical diversification

We expand our business through acquisitions and greenfield developments in attractive new markets, to diversify our earnings base and mitigate reliance on a few markets.

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Vertical integration

We extend our business into other product areas in the cement value chain, serving our customers better and accessing new profit opportunities.

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Continuous competitive improvement

We implement new efficiencies throughout our business to reduce costs and compete more effectively.

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Focus on human capital and corporate social responsibility

We care for our employees, support their professional development and continuously improve our good relationships with all internal and external stakeholders, always aiming for mutual respect and understanding.

Underpinning these priorities is our approach to sharing best practices and leveraging expertise. Applying this approach across the Group helps the development of our capabilities and the efficient delivery of our governing objective.


Our values are at the core of who we are; they guide our strategy and provide the foundation for all our operations. They have provided our people with a strong bond and supported the growth that has sustained us for over a century, stemming directly from the principles, beliefs and vision of our founders back in 1902. They remain the solid basis of our culture and family spirit.


• Ethical business practices
• Transparency
• Open communication

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• Enhancement of our knowledge base
• Proficiency in every function
• Excellence in core competencies

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• Anticipation of customer needs
• Innovative solutions
• High quality products and services

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• Shareholder value
• Clear objectives
• High standards

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• Learning organization
• Willingness to change
• Rise to challenges

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• Safety first
• Sustainable development
• Stakeholder engagement

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